State Industries Water Heaters is a top-of-the-line manufacturer. Call a BBB A+ rated Marietta plumber, R.S. Andrews plumbing. Should yours need repair or replacement, we are of call day or night. Our service includes both residential and commercial.

State Industries is a manufacturer of water heating products used by homeowners and commercial establishments. It boasts numerous products and continues to develop more products based on modern technology to offer durability and efficiency. This Tennessee based company has distributors all over the US to ensure that they can reach customers in the whole country and provide service wherever needed.

The company boasts 500 products for water heating. With this number, they provide customized solution to consumers. Water heaters are categorized mainly into two-gas and electric powered products for residential and commercial use. For their residential electric line, impressive models can be found which aim to offer customized option for various water heating needs of residents. Residential gas water heating products boast efficiency for home applications.

Electric water heaters for commercial use are proven to be safe and durable with its heavy duty lines. Commercial gas water heaters also ensure industries that they have reliable water heating solutions that can last longer for them to save a lot of money. Aside from these water heaters, State Industries takes pride in their tankless water heater which is gas powered. This is their most energy efficient lime of water heater that also aims to save on space and maintenance.