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Richmond is a brand of Rheem, the inventor of water heaters. The company offers only the best value materials to make up their comprehensive line of products to meet your water heating needs. Items are all engineered to perfection.

They are particular with fast recovery, meaning, even if all water sources are used simultaneously, water heaters can be able to produce enough hot water as needed, which makes it reliable in industries that depend on hot water including spas or restaurants. It is also an innovator in what they call EverKleen system which basically prevents build up of harmful substances in the tank. It also features stainless steel elements.

Homeowners and commercial users can depend on Richmond’s wide range of products. Gas and electric water heaters are available in standard and tankless units. Solar water heaters are also offered. These names describe their source of power. Richmond takes pride in their latest innovation which is a hybrid model for residential users.

It is their energy efficient line of water heater that uses heat pump technology. This is availed by consumers who want to save more on their electric bill. For users who are conscious of space, they prefer Richmond’s tankless water heater for it can be directly under or near the sink.