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Polaris water heater is American Water Heater’s high efficiency brand of water heater. American is a leading manufacturer of high quality water heating products for both residential and commercial use. Their Polaris unit is remarkable for it offers quiet performance with the highest noted efficiency score. This product is considered to be the flagship product of American because it made the company well reputed due to the positive feedbacks from people.

Polaris became a hit among customers because it is capable of space heating, it is made of sturdy stainless steel and is so easy to install. On top of that, American Water Heaters back their products with the best customer support. Polaris is designed for consumers to save money and water.

Today, consumers are also given tax credits if they have Polaris in their home. Polaris should be the choice of users who have extensive need for water heating. This product is offered a 10 year warranty which only goes to show how the manufacturer is confident about the durability of their equipment.