Bradford White Water Heaters are an industry superstar. Well know for quality and performance, they are a standard choice by the R. S. Andrews plumbing team. Call the BBB A+ rated Marietta plumber to repair or install yours today at 404-793-7887.

Bradford White Water Heaters has been in the heating industry since 1881 and since then it hasn’t changed its goal which is to become the customer’s number of choice manufacturer in the wholesale market. Today, it is a manufacturer of water and space heating products with the most advanced technologies. All their products are exclusively distributed for wholesale. Their products are used for both residential and industrial application by professionals.

Bradford White Water Heaters offers water heating equipments for both residential and commercial market. The company has gas (natural) and gas (propane) for water heating, combination heating and tankless water. The company also features solar and electric water heating together with oil water heating and oil combination heating. Aside from this, it also has indirect water heating products which provide a good amount of hot water.

These types are available in other subtypes based on the purpose of use which is for residential or commercial. Whichever type you need, Bradford White can guarantee safety and durability of all their heating products. They also assure customers that these products are designed not to consume a lot of energy so that it would not be costly for your electrical expense as well as to help the environment.