Takagi Tankless Water Heaters are gaining in reputation for their energy efficiency and dependability. Call us to repair or install one for you or your commercial operation today at 404-793-7887. We are a BBB A+ rated Marietta plumber, R.S. Andrews Plumbing.

Takagi is among the top providers of tankless water systems in the market. It is known to be a leading manufacturer of cutting edge water heaters that offers durability, good quality, safety and environment friendly features on top of excellent customer services.

The company believes in the advantage of tankless water heater. They provide this type of water heater because users will have endless water supply because there is no tank to fill. T-KJr model is the smallest one which is preferred by owners of small homes. T-K4 series are among the impressive units of the company where users can choose indoor and outdoor installations.

Takagi is also known for its “monster” unit which is T-M50 model, perfect for commercial use. This is a heavy duty unit which meets commercial standards to the fullest. Most industries prefer this model because of its high efficiency and good performance. It is also considered the best in quality among other products of its type.

Takagi products are based on research, the company knows very well what their customers need. To have a view of all their innovative products, you may visit their website for a complete view so that you may choose the perfect one.

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