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If you are concerned about your energy bills or you’re frequently running out of hot water, a tankless water heater is the perfect solution. Traditional hot water heaters have several challenges that are solved when you change to a tankless water heater. Call the BBB A+ rated, Marietta plumber, R.S. Andrews plumbing to get all the answers you need. Call 404-793-7887 now.

Instantaneous Unlimited Hot Water

There is no bulky storage tank involved when you convert to a tankless water heater. Water is heated instantly when you turn on your faucet. Whether you need hot water for five seconds or five hours, the unit operates only during time of usage. This energy efficient feature also means that your supply is limitless. As long as you have a water supply and an energy source, you will never have to endure another cold shower. Additionally, most people save an average of 50% on their hot water electricity usage which makes this option even more attractive.

Tankless Water Heaters Require Less Space

Does your current traditional hot water heater take up a lot of space that you wish you could use in a different manner? A tankless water heater takes up very little space. In most cases, it can connect to your current power supply which minimizes your cost. Instead of the huge tank that you have now, you will have a very small unit. A standard electric residential unit is about the size of a briefcase. Think of how many ways you could use that extra storage space.

Brands of Tankless Water Heaters

We stock the best-selling and most dependable brands of tankless water heaters. No matter what your needs, one of our high quality suppliers can satisfy your demands.

  • Rinnai
  • Bosch
  • Noritz
  • Rheem
  • Takagi
  • American Standard
  • AO Smith

Alternatives to Tankless Water Heaters

If a tankless water heater does not appeal to you, there are other alternatives to an old-fashioned traditional water heater. Fast recovery hot water tanks utilize multiple heating elements so that the water is heated faster. You could choose a larger capacity tank so that you have more hot water stored at any given time minimizing the potential for fully emptying the tank of hot water. The AO Smith Vortex hot water heater system offers 96% efficiency and a virtually constant supply of hot water with a storage tank.

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