The next time you need a Kennesaw sewer repair plumber, try calling R.S. Andrew Plumbing at 404-793-7887. We respond day or night for emergencies. We are a Marietta plumber that is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We have to earn that rating every day. Taking care of you and your family is our top priority.

Snake Clogged Drain Pipes

If you have a clogged drain pipe at your Kennesaw residential or commercial building, it may require the services of an experienced Kennesaw plumber who has the equipment to unclog your drain pipes. Most homeowners don’t have the right equipment to do the job. There is also the risk of damaging pipes by putting too much force on them. Our Kennesaw plumbers can snake out clogged drain pipes.

Kennesaw Video Sewer Inspection

In most cases, our Kennesaw plumbing team can show you a video of the sewer inspection process. They know it is better for everyone concerned for the client to be informed through every part of the process.

What Causes A Kennesaw Sewer Line To Back Up?

  • Tree Roots: Roots are the number one cause of sanitary sewer back-ups. They’re looking for moisture and grow their way into the cracks in the pipes.
  • Paper Products: Diapers, paper towels and feminine products.
  • Grease Blockage: Never pour grease down your drain.
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