Don’t let the clogged kitchen sink or tub drains flood your life

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You don’t notice a sink or tub drain until its clogged up. Is it just a hair ball or grease closing off the drain? A plumber’s snake or chemical drain cleaner should fix it fast. If that doesn’t work, you may need expensive sewer repair. Call the A+ rated, Marietta plumber, R.S. Andrews at 404-793-7887 for fast, low cost service.

Dealing with clogged drains is not easy plumbing repair sometimes

Just about anything can cause the clogged drain or tub drains. Oil, food, plant roots, hair clippings, even the sewer or septic system backing up can all may play a role in the slow or no draining water. Plunging or pouring some clog reliever down the drain could get the water shifting for now, however it will present by itself once again with no thorough examine of the pipes. Using advanced detection methods, your local plumber can find the exact spot of the clog, and what it’s made of.

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Major Issues Need Professional Plumbing Help

Now, if tree roots are clogging the sewer drain pipes, or the sewer lines are backing up, that isn’t within the realm of most homeowners ability to deal with. Raw sewer water backing up into your home can pose a serious health risk and require thousands of dollars of repair to sheetrock, carpet, wallpaper and more.

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