As a homeowner there are a number of potential problems one can face from heating and air, to plumbing issues. One of the most damaging plumbing problems that homeowners face is that of leaky, frozen or busted water lines. Call A+ rated R.S. Andrews, the Marietta Plumber, at 404-793-7887.

When water lines begin to leak or bust, it causes water to drip from the pipes into the walls and floors of the home. This has the potential to cause extensive water damage if gone untreated. A busted pipe can leak over a hundred gallons of water every hour, which will result in damage to the home costing thousands. It is important that right after the leak is found, that a local plumber is contacted to asses and resolve the problem.

As the weather starts to get colder many homeowners face the issue of freezing water lines. This happens when the pipes reach a cold enough temperature to freeze the water flowing through them. As the water turns to ice, it expands and places excessive pressure on the pipes. There are two possible outcomes when it comes to frozen water lines.

While not all pipes will break when frozen, in many cases the frozen water will cause the pipes to crack or break. As the water starts to thaw it begins to leak through these cracks and into the home. The amount of water coming through the pipes as they thaw can cause thousands of dollars of water damage to the floors and walls.

In the case that the pipes have frozen, but have not been broken it is important to defrost them as soon as possible. In many cases, water pipes will be located behind walls and will require cutting of drywall in order to access them. It is always a smart idea to contact a plumber in Marietta, GA to help with this issue instead of trying to tackle it yourself, as a mistake could cost you thousands.

A Marietta plumber will be able to help locate the blockage within the pipe and use the necessary tools to thaw the ice at a proper rate. They may use an infrared heat lamp, or a small portable heater to slowly thaw the pipes correctly. Since they are the professionals, leave it up to them to fix your busted, frozen, or leaking water lines.